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  1. CP Clear Chicken Broth Concentrate - 200G
    Add 300ml of water to the Chicken Broth Concentrate for 1 serving. Learn More
  2. CP Korean Vegetable Mandoo - 600G
    CP Korean Vegetable Mandoo (Dumpling) is made from selected fresh vegetables, which are wrapped in moon-shaped pastry sheets. Enjoy the wholesome texture and wonderful taste of this authentic Korean recipe. Learn More
  3. York Signature Zesty Potato Wedges Skin-On - 2000G
    Taste real potato with these spicy, skin-on wedges. The natural skin-on appearance offers unbeatable taste and healthier option as well. Learn More
  4. York Signature Hash Brown Triangle - 2270G
    York Signature is a leading French fry brand, made with premium Russet Burbank potatoes. Your favourite breakfast side in a distinctive triangle shape. Kids will love the unbeatable taste and dippable shapes of these delicious hashbrowns. Approximately 40-42pcs Learn More
  5. York Signature Hash Brown Potato Puff - 2270G
    Deep-Fry: Fry at 177°C for 2.00-4.00 minutes until golden brown. Drain on the paper towel. Learn More
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    Re-delivery Charges Learn More
  7. CP Clear Chicken Broth Box of 6 -1200G
    CP chicken broth is simmered from fresh whole chicken with vegetables. Lightly seasoned and filtered to give a rich yet clear and fat free concentrate soup. Each packet is equivalent to 500ml of stock with added 300ml of water. It will be a perfect start for all your soups, stews, sauces and more. EACH BOX CONSISTS OF 6 PACKS Learn More

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