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  1. CP Clear Chicken Broth Concentrate - 200G
    Add 300ml of water to the Chicken Broth Concentrate for 1 serving. Learn More
  2. CP Four Seasons Grilled Duck with Egg Noodles - 290G
    CP Four Seasons Grilled Duck with Egg Noodles Learn More
  3. KITCHEN JOY Golden Crispy - 700G
    Made from whole chunck of chicken leg meat which is exquisitely prepared with the finest ingredients. It tis delicious on its own as a snack especially with freshly squeezed lemon. KJ Golden Crispy can be served as a perfect side dish, appetizer or snack for everyone to enjoy. Learn More
  4. Freezepak Crispy Chicken Nuggets 1kg
    Freezepak Crispy Chicken Nuggets Learn More
  5. CP Chicken Pop 1kg
    CP Chicken Pop 1kg Learn More
  6. Korean Crispy Chicken 1kg
  7. CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick - 1kg
    Made from the finest quality chicken, CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick is marinated in hot and spicy Mexican-style ingredients. Learn More
  8. CP Shredded Chicken 1kg
    Made with 100% natural chicken breast meat and cooked in its own juice with light seasoning of salt, which can simply add to many other dishes. With this easy heat-and-serve ingredient, one can prepare healthier and convenient meal for family and friends. Learn More
  9. CP Roasted Hot Wings - 1kg
    Marinated and seasoned in chili peppers and spices, which is then slowly grilled to juicy perfection. Keep frozen at -18°C or below. (Do not refreeze after defrosting.) Halal certified by The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT) COOKING METHODS (For 5 pieces): Microwave and Oven. Learn More
  10. CP Clear Chicken Broth Box of 6 -1200G
    CP chicken broth is simmered from fresh whole chicken with vegetables. Lightly seasoned and filtered to give a rich yet clear and fat free concentrate soup. Each packet is equivalent to 500ml of stock with added 300ml of water. It will be a perfect start for all your soups, stews, sauces and more. EACH BOX CONSISTS OF 6 PACKS Learn More

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